Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Great New Years Resolutions!

First of all, great news guys! Make sure to check out my New Years spectacular on NBC live at Times Square! They told me it will be on around 11:30 PM eastern. Check it out! The Tipster might even make an appearance!

I can't wait, could be my big break.

Now, time for some New Years resolutions!

#1 - Organize your sock drawer - I bet you've got a lot of unpaired socks, this is a great time to sort them. May be even things that aren't socks... lol

#2 - Take out the trash - Its a good idea to get in the habit of doing this at least once a week. I would suggest doing it on the same day that they pick up the garbage, but this is up to you.

#3 - Start a blog - You can make a blog just like me, go to blogger and start. Then, comment here and I will link to it. Good luck!

#4 - Take up a new hobby - Maybe you would like collecting coins or stamps. Or, maybe you can build models like jets and boats. Got a hobby? Share it in the comments.

#5 - Quit a bad habit - For example, I check the stats on my blog too often sometimes. Like today, I checked every 15 minutes lolol.

Thanks guys, share your resolutions in the comments! Also, don't forget to check us out on NBC on New Years eve!

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  1. If you follow my Twitter (@TipsterLC), you already know my resolution: spend more time on my hobbies. Expect more Pro Tips from the Tipster in 2011!