Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pens on the moon

Hey guys - really interesting thing I ran into this afternoon. Someone asked on Reddit what would happen if you dropped a pen on the moon. I honesty have no idea...

Any ideas?

Response to Techninjo's Facebook Post

I have to admit, I was quite surprised to read the Techninjo's post on Facebook. After reading the article, I am going to do a few things to try and make sure I can still continue social networking after Face Book closes. Here is what I plan on doing:

Step 1 - Unfriend everyone on Facebook and switch to My space. This way everyone will know that I am on Myspace when facebook closes.

Step 2 - Keep tweeting to everyone to warn them about facebook. Now that I have 36 followers on Twitter, this should be pretty effective.

Step 3 - Find out how I can access Myspace without an internet connection. I know that this is a big problem with Facebook, but I assume Myspace has this taken care of. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate. Just leave a note in the comments are tweet me @Iamlifecrack !

Hope this helps everyone, let me know if you are going to take these steps as well.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Ways to have a Better Rest

Before I go to bed tonight, I thought I'd share with you all three tips on how to get a better rest. So, without further to do, here they are!

Tip #1 - Get a comfortable pillow. The pillow is where your head spends most of the night. Therefore, it is one of the most important things.

Tip #2 - Make sure your room is a comfortable temperature. If your room is too hot or too cold you won't be comfortable and wont' sleep as well.

Tip #3 - Don't use an alarm clock. Alarm clocks often interrupt your sleep, they are a bad idea. If you need to get up early, you should go to bed earlier.

I hope these tips were helpful! Remember, sleep is a marathon, not a sprint so try not to go overboard!

Top 5 reasons FaceBook will not succeed.

  1. MySpace allows you customize your profile however you want! If history has taught us anything, it is that people like animated gifs! Marky "Mark" Zuckerberg fails to realize this obvious fact.

  2. You can login to many other websites with your Facebook account (including MySpace), so why would you need to go to MySpace has better features and more entertaining people, all available just by logging in with your FaceBook information.

  3. Facebook was stolen. There's even a documentary out about this. On another note, I must congratulate Mark Zuckerberg. He did a great job acting in The Social Network, Adventureland, and Zombieland!

  4. There is a reason so many countries block FaceBook. It is simply not a good website.
    People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Bangladesh (Thank you Wikipedia)

  5. Facebook can only be access through the internet. This one is pretty self explanatory.

300th Visitor!

We had our 300th visitor today!! I am so happy! Thanks everyone!

Thanks to all our South Korean fans!

실수 여기에있다 죄송합니다! 그냥 내 사이트 방문해 주셔서모두에게 감사 말하고 싶었어! 내가 당신에게 모두 도움이 되었으면 좋겠! 해피 뉴 이어!

3 Health Hacks to Lose Weight

Here are some tips to help you lose weight. I hope they help, I've spent a lot of time researching these tips and am confident they will help you.

Hack #1 - Eat fewer calories. Your body burns something called calories for energy. However, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Therefore, if you eat less food, you will gain less weight. Read up on calories at wikipedia and you will see what I mean.

Hack #2 - Exercise more. As I mentioned in hack #1, your body burns calories for energy. So, if you exercise more, you will burn more calories and you will lose more weight. I recommend you either run or walk up and down a staircase a few times per day. This will put you on the road to weight loss.

Hack #3 - Drink more water. I don't know why this will help, but people always recommend you drink more water so that you will lose weight and feel more energized. Drinking water is recommended for everything!

Good luck and remember: weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint!

Google Analytics!

I am very excited. We just set up Google Analytics on this site. Now, we will have much more accurate numbers about our many visitors! I'll be sharing all kinds of information about our visitors.

Of course, I'm not going to get too excited because I remember that blogging is a marathon, not a print.

3 Controversial Tips to Increase your Twitter Following

Yesterday, I gave three tips for increasing your Twitter following. That article was my most successful yet with 68(!) views already and those methods increased my Twitter following from 7 to 22 people in one day! So, not to brag, but I'm probably someone you should listen to. Therefore, without further to do, check out my three controversial Twitter tips!

Tip #1 - Only follow people who follow more people than are following them. People who have thousands or millions of followers (like Lady Gaga). They will not follow you and they will definitely not click on links you post in your Twitter posts.

Tip #2 - Post controversial tweets advertising your blog articles. People like things that are controversial. If you write a controversial article and then post a controversial tip, I am pretty sure people won't be able to resist clicking. For example, yesterday I posted a Tweet that said "I am a peanut" even though I'm not. Lots of people clicked on it.

Tip #3 - Write controversial blog articles. If you make a controversial Tweet advertising your blog post, make sure the blog post is also controversial. For example, like this article.

Go out there and follow these tips! I guarantee they will work. But, always remember, blogging is a marathon not a sprint.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Successfully Monetize your Blog in Five Minutes

Hey folks - just monetized the blog after two amazing days! We have nearly 200 views from 10 different countries. Here are two quick steps to monetize your blog:

1. Select monetize in the blogger setting and choose where the ads will go.

2. Set up an adsense account and make money!

Yep, that easy. I'm already making some money and this money will be used to fund future gift card giveaways...

Remember, check out our New Years special on NBC!!! (11:30 PM eastern)

Share your New Year resolutions! Win an Amazon gift card

Hey everyone, the Tipster is here with a New Years resolution contest! In my last couple of pro tips, I've been giving advice on getting ready for 2011. In the same spirit, I want to hear what you guys/gals are doing in 2011. So, with out further to do - here are the rules of the contest!

Tweet your new years resolution to me ( I will choose my favorite new years resolution and that person will get a direct message from me on Twitter with the Amazon gift certificate number. Be sure to get creative to increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

How do you enter? Just write a tweet including "@TipsterLC" along with your resolution! For example: "@TipsterLC I want to spend more time with my friends and family in 2011". That's it!

Time Saving Tech Tips

When typing URL's (Uniform Resource Locator) you don't actually need to type "http://".
Sometimes you don't even need to type "www."
So that means sometimes you don't have to type "http://www."

Let's take as an example.

Most of you probably know about and based on my calculations many of you have wasted up to a few weeks total typing the "http://www." before "".

Next time you are attempting to access "", try simply typing "" and enjoy the extra free time.

Let us know how this works out for you.

Dancing Bots

Amazing how they trained the robots to synchronize with each other. Must haven taken months of practice!

3 Quick Tips for Increasing your Twitter Following

Hi guys, since making this website yesterday, I feel like I've become a real expert in driving traffic to the site as well as getting people to follow me on Twitter. I know you might find this hard to believe - but we've already had 115 visitors and I have 5 followers on Twitter! Crazy, right?

I thought I'd share what I've found in the past day. So, here are three great tips for increasing your Twitter following!

Tip #1 - Create interesting blog content and link to it in your Tweets. The key is to come up with a quick blurb about the article and make sure to include a link! For example, here is a great tweek that I might use - "Check out my great new article on getting Twitter followers everyone! Check it out at - I am sure it will be very helpful for you, please read it!! Thanks!"

Tip #2 - Make sure to follow people on Twitter with similar interests. For example, when the Tipster shared his tips on foggy mirrors - I went to twitter and searched for people who had foggy mirrors. Then, I followed a bunch of them (like 30 people!). I think I probably got one or two hits from that - so pretty successful technique.

Tip #3 - Remember, Tweeting is a marathon, not a sprint. I know I achieved great success in a day - but this is an unusual case, because I was already somewhat of a web expert beforehand. You might need two, or even three days to achieve 5 Twitter followers.

So, good luck! Feel free to "Tweet" my article if you find it useful.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pro Tip #2 from the Tipster! Keep your mirror from fogging up!

LC on FB

We've managed to create a FaceBook page!

This is a picture of the profile picture we are using right now on Facebook:

Wow, Lifecrack in exotic lands

Lifecrack is growing faster than I could have ever dreamed. Look at this:

Yeah! You are seeing correctly, we had a visitor from Singapore and Canada this afternoon. I have never been to Canada. I wanted to greet everyone with Google translate again,but I don't see an option for Singaporean (or is it Singlish, someone know?) or Canadian.

Anyway, HELLO CANADA AND SINGAPORE! Welcome to Lifecrack. Get addicted!

lifecrack popularity increasing among OS users

As you can see, people DO visit us using a variety of browsers and OS's (Operating Systems)

Spread Firefox Affiliate Button

marketing campaign

As the techninjo I was asked to help with increasing traffic to this blog. Our most recent campaign involved going on and showing this dog doing tricks for treats.

Once the stranger's attention has been grabbed we would alternate between showing the below napkin and the dog again.

Please share your advertising ideas and any napkins you have designed.

More global visitors!

Hey everyone! Lifecrack is getting even more popular, we are all over the world today, check it out:

We've got guests from England, Germany and Norway.

Hei Norge! Takk for besøket!

Hallo Norwegen! Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch!

And, of course, thanks to Google translate!


i forgot to introduce myself


For those of you wondering how The Tipster films his videos, this is the camera he uses.
I went out and purchased it for this post.

This is the camera I used to take a picture of the Microsoft LifeCam.

5 Great New Years Resolutions!

First of all, great news guys! Make sure to check out my New Years spectacular on NBC live at Times Square! They told me it will be on around 11:30 PM eastern. Check it out! The Tipster might even make an appearance!

I can't wait, could be my big break.

Now, time for some New Years resolutions!

#1 - Organize your sock drawer - I bet you've got a lot of unpaired socks, this is a great time to sort them. May be even things that aren't socks... lol

#2 - Take out the trash - Its a good idea to get in the habit of doing this at least once a week. I would suggest doing it on the same day that they pick up the garbage, but this is up to you.

#3 - Start a blog - You can make a blog just like me, go to blogger and start. Then, comment here and I will link to it. Good luck!

#4 - Take up a new hobby - Maybe you would like collecting coins or stamps. Or, maybe you can build models like jets and boats. Got a hobby? Share it in the comments.

#5 - Quit a bad habit - For example, I check the stats on my blog too often sometimes. Like today, I checked every 15 minutes lolol.

Thanks guys, share your resolutions in the comments! Also, don't forget to check us out on NBC on New Years eve!

We are now global!

Hey guys, just checked the stats on my blog. We have international visitors!



Thanks Google translate. Check out the stats below!

Guest Video from the Tipster!

The Tipster has done a guest video from us! Check it out.

5 Tips for Starting and Monetizing your New Blog!

Hey guys, I am starting this new blog to give you successful life tips. I am going to start by talking about how to make your own blog and succeed with it to make lots of money. Without further to do, here are five tips for success :)

Tip #1 - Sign up with blogger

Blogger is a great free site for creating your own blog. I signed up this morning and it only took two minutes to register this site and start writing my first article.

Tip #2 - Write your first article (like this one)

Of course, you need to come up with a good idea for your blog so that people will visit it and click on your ads. Good examples of blogs include and They are my inspiration, I hope to help you like they have helped me. For example, they taught me how to get up early and organize my desk. Here are some good ideas for first article:

- How to make money on the internet
- How to save money on car insurance
- List your favorite things and link to them on Amazon (so you make money)
- Explain how to do something you are good at (paper airplanes or fixing cars)

Tip #3 - Set up Adsense on your blogger

Now, you have written your first article. Next, you need to go to the settings of your blog and activate Google Adsense. Once this is active, you will make money when people click on the ads. If you are lucky, you can probably make at least $1 a month. This will probably take a year or two.

Tip #5 - Success

Remember, blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.