Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Controversial Tips to Increase your Twitter Following

Yesterday, I gave three tips for increasing your Twitter following. That article was my most successful yet with 68(!) views already and those methods increased my Twitter following from 7 to 22 people in one day! So, not to brag, but I'm probably someone you should listen to. Therefore, without further to do, check out my three controversial Twitter tips!

Tip #1 - Only follow people who follow more people than are following them. People who have thousands or millions of followers (like Lady Gaga). They will not follow you and they will definitely not click on links you post in your Twitter posts.

Tip #2 - Post controversial tweets advertising your blog articles. People like things that are controversial. If you write a controversial article and then post a controversial tip, I am pretty sure people won't be able to resist clicking. For example, yesterday I posted a Tweet that said "I am a peanut" even though I'm not. Lots of people clicked on it.

Tip #3 - Write controversial blog articles. If you make a controversial Tweet advertising your blog post, make sure the blog post is also controversial. For example, like this article.

Go out there and follow these tips! I guarantee they will work. But, always remember, blogging is a marathon not a sprint.

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