Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Quick Tips for Increasing your Twitter Following

Hi guys, since making this website yesterday, I feel like I've become a real expert in driving traffic to the site as well as getting people to follow me on Twitter. I know you might find this hard to believe - but we've already had 115 visitors and I have 5 followers on Twitter! Crazy, right?

I thought I'd share what I've found in the past day. So, here are three great tips for increasing your Twitter following!

Tip #1 - Create interesting blog content and link to it in your Tweets. The key is to come up with a quick blurb about the article and make sure to include a link! For example, here is a great tweek that I might use - "Check out my great new article on getting Twitter followers everyone! Check it out at - I am sure it will be very helpful for you, please read it!! Thanks!"

Tip #2 - Make sure to follow people on Twitter with similar interests. For example, when the Tipster shared his tips on foggy mirrors - I went to twitter and searched for people who had foggy mirrors. Then, I followed a bunch of them (like 30 people!). I think I probably got one or two hits from that - so pretty successful technique.

Tip #3 - Remember, Tweeting is a marathon, not a sprint. I know I achieved great success in a day - but this is an unusual case, because I was already somewhat of a web expert beforehand. You might need two, or even three days to achieve 5 Twitter followers.

So, good luck! Feel free to "Tweet" my article if you find it useful.

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